You've been invited to Sam&Gingers' first Cupcake Party !

Sweet Potato Cupcake
Pink Lemonade
Red Velvet
Pina Colada

So, I had my first official Sam&Ginger Tasting. I included Red Velvet, Pink Lemonade, Chocolatisimo and Sweet Potato I also incorporated two new and super delicious flavors..Pina Colada ( made with real rum!) & Peanut Butter & Jelly. Both flavors were a success. I had such a good time with friends, a few relatives ( for support ) and strangers who gave honest opinions on my scorecards. 5 was the highest number and I'm proud to say I received only 4's and 5's.

I'd like to thank everyone who came and relished on my Sam&Ginger cakes. Your attendance was so appreciated and I hope to bake for you in the near future.



Everyone who knows me knows one thing; I LOVE Halloween! This year, my friends and I all decided to be Sexy Disney Characters. It honestly wasn't my favorite idea, but sometimes you have to just deal with it. At first, I was dreading the idea of being a mundane Disney character ( I wanted to be a cupcake), but after walking past MAC, I saw their villians collection and knew I'd suprise everyone by being Cruella. 

I didn't want the traditional hair standing up look, so I took a modern, younger and trendier approach. I spent an afternoon in the fabric district and shopped around for cloths that resemble anything Cruella. I was in luck and my entire costume was made in under 30 bucks. I spray painted one side of my teased hair white, put in my favorite turban and draped myself in everything black and white. To add a special touch to my costume, I dragged around a stuffed dalmation all night. 

Happy Halloween from the LES.

Little Wayne & I on Halloween. I thought he was in jail ;)